Our Mission

Our Vision

"Make PowerSchool as the main source of student information
and a way to communicate with parents"

From the very beginning, this has been the company’s vision and mission to every school that we partner with. With this in mind, we always spend time to know about our partners processes and formulate the best solution fit for their school.

We wanted to eliminate all the paper works and put everything in PowerSchool to empower our users, cost effective for the school, and reporting will be a breeze since all data are now stored in PowerSchool.

We partnered with a lot of international and private schools around the globe to give them the best valued service that we provide.

Our Clients


  • Blue Valley School
    I’m so excited that our dream transcript is becoming a reality. We are very pleased with your work and we want to continue working with you on other PowerSchool projects.
    Blue Valley School

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